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When you think of residential window film, you probably think of beautiful frosted glass in your bathroom for privacy or clear film for UV protection. These are both fantastic benefits, but many people don’t realize that residential window film can also prevent messes and even injuries that result from shattered glass. Before you pay to install film on the windows in your home, make sure it offers this exceptional protection. 

Broken Glass is a Reality

Although it’s true that some may live their entire lives without experiencing a broken window pane when you live in the Northeastern United States – and especially in the Boston area – weather conditions can wreak havoc on your home. From hurricanes to high winds and hail, window glass is no match for Mother Nature’s fury. Furthermore, depending on your community, rogue baseballs, and golf balls can destroy windows, too. In any of these situations, serious injury is a real concern, whether that injury is the result of the broken glass itself or the object that caused the window to break. Residential window film is an excellent defense. 

How the Technology Works

Residential window films can’t stop your windows from breaking, but they certainly can prevent injuries associated with flying objects and shattered glass. The Llumar technology uses layers of heavy-duty polyester film to serve as a sort of sealant. If a baseball comes at your untreated window, it will break the window, sending shards of glass flying inward – not to mention the baseball. 

When a baseball hits a window treated with shatter-resistant window film, the film slows or even stops the object and holds the tiny shards of glass in place. You will, unfortunately, need to replace the window, but the risk for injury is significantly reduced, whether you’re dealing with hurricane-force winds, windblown hail, or baseballs. While the film offers exceptional protection, it will not interfere with your view of the outside world. 

Additional Uses

While this safety and security film is primarily used for windows, there are countless other uses to consider. For example, if you are concerned about an uptick in crime – particularly robberies – safety and security residential window film can stop thieves in their tracks. If the windows won’t break in a timely manner, the crooks aren’t likely to gain entry. Many households apply the film to mirrors, shower doors, and other breakable glass surfaces throughout the home. No matter where the film is installed, it prevents tiny shards of glass from causing injury and damage. 


Safety and security residential window film is a must-have for homeowners who live in severe weather-prone areas, and it is ideal for anyone living near parks or fields where children play sports. It can even help deter crime. Contact your local Llumar safety and security window film installer today to schedule your appointment. 

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