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Decorative commercial window film is gaining popularity in businesses throughout the Northeast. Though it was originally designed to be placed on exterior windows, many businesses are finding clever ways to spruce up their decor and provide a better experience for their customers and guests. Below are five creative uses for etched film that you can consider for your own business. 

Glass Doors 

Traditional doors work fantastically in many situations, but if you’ve ever dreamed about having beautiful glass doors throughout your business, decorative window film can add beauty and class. For example, if your business features multiple private offices, you may consider applying frosted glass film to each door. This way, the employees inside the offices have some privacy, but there’s still plenty of light flowing through the glass. It can add charm and elegance to your space, and it can make small spaces appear larger. 

Etched Effect on Entry Doors

If your business’s plain entry doors could use a little attention, etched glass is a great and affordable way to add an element of design. Llumar offers countless etched film designs from which to choose. From spas to medical practices and from restaurants to office buildings, etched glass is known for its sophistication and style. Choose from complex patterns or simple designs that elevate your space.

Faux Stained Glass

Stained glass is beautiful, and while it may not be suitable for every commercial property, it brings a sense of coziness and peace to others. Traditional stained glass is incredibly expensive, and installation can cost a pretty penny, as well. Commercial window film can help you mimic the look of stained glass for less. You can enjoy the same dazzling multi-colored lights during the day without forking over a small fortune. 

Color Blocking

Llumar’s huge range of decorative commercial window films include their unique Specialty Series, which includes translucent colors and opaque black and white options. These are ideal for blocking out areas that require privacy or even hiding areas that are currently being remodeled. It’s perfect for darkrooms and studios, and you can even have your film precision cut and layered to create one-of-a-kind designs and effects. 

Enhanced Architecture

If you are lucky enough to have a commercial property with amazing architecture, it’s important to remember that even the simplest design elements can impact the look and feel of a room. Frosted glass films are very popular for these types of properties as they can emphasize architecture and create an internal or external focal point. The best part about frosted glass films is that they work well with almost any building or business style. 

From recreating the look of stained glass on a budget to temporarily hiding an area that is being remodeled, decorative commercial window films can transform a space without the need for heavy construction or expensive design. Contact your local commercial window film installer today to learn more or to get a quote for your project.

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