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When you think about ceramic, you probably think about the dishes in your cabinet or perhaps even your bathroom sink. However, these days, ceramic plays important roles in many of the newest cutting-edge technologies. Believe it or not, a company called LLumar is even putting it in window tint.

The Traditional Benefits of Ceramic

Ceramic is nothing more than clay and water that has been formed into shape and hardened with very high heat. Though generally brittle, it can withstand very high temperatures and hold a tremendous amount of weight. That’s why ceramic is so popular in dishware; it’s aesthetic appeal is a nice bonus. Ceramic is also used in everything from spacecraft to sparkplugs as a thermal insulator.

Ceramic in LLumar Window Tint

The experts at LLumar wanted to find a material that, like ceramic, would provide insulation from heat without interfering with the technologies you rely upon in your automobile. They’ve succeeded with their LLumar CTX® and AIR Series as well as their FormulaOne Pinnacle® Series tints, all of which use nano-ceramic technology. Essentially, molecular ceramic fortifies the tints and provides your automobile with all of the benefits of ceramic in a transparent format that ranges in color from crystal clear to incredibly dark.

How Can Ceramic Help Your Car?

Ceramic can play some important roles in your automobile just as is does in other high-tech applications. For example, the same properties that make ceramic the best material to reflect heat on spacecraft also provides heat resistance and reflection on your car, which keeps it (and you) cooler. What’s more, it won’t interfere with any of the electronics in your car. This includes your mobile phone, keyless entry system, radar detector, and other technologies. It blocks more than 99% of UV rays to keep you safe both now and in the future, and it has a scratch-resistant coating that protects your windows against damage from road debris.

Simple Innovation

Although the technology itself is groundbreaking and there’s no denying that ceramic will likely play a vital role in the window film of the future, it’s actually a simple innovation that is sure to improve in years to come. In fact, it’s paving the way for auto tint manufacturers to create simpler, more effective, and more affordable products that provide you and your car with ample protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Although there are internet-driven films that chance opacity based on your preferences, these are expensive and not feasible for most. Ceramic-based window film, on the other hand, is cost-effective and capable of performing, even under the most extreme conditions.

LLumar has been a trusted name in window film for many years, and the company continues to design and develop new technologies to keep you safe and comfortable in your car. Although there are some seriously high-tech choices out there, LLumar’s nano-ceramic options resemble the more traditional window films that people have relied upon for years. They’re easily installed and they won’t interfere with the other technologies you rely upon every day.

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