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No matter how careful you are, your vehicle will eventually develop scratches and dings. Whether it’s flying debris or knicks from shopping carts, you must constantly be on guard if you are to protect your car’s paint job. Fortunately, there is a better way, which is applying Llumar paint protection film to your automobile instead.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is a high-gloss material that is placed over top of your vehicle’s finish to provide it with an additional layer of protection. When placed on your car, it is nearly invisible, which means that others will not notice you have had it installed. Each piece of film is custom fitted by a professional installation technician to the exact contours of your vehicle. Once in place, you are able to wash your car as normal without worrying about damaging the film.

How it Works

Although it is very thin, this paint protection film is nonetheless extremely resistant to damage, and has the ability to “self-heal.” Suppose a small rock were to strike your vehicle while you were driving down the road. Should this happen, the protective film would initially produce a tiny indentation, yet the surface underneath would be unaffected. This dent would then automatically straighten itself out until the indentation was no longer noticeable. The same thing would happen whenever your vehicle was scratched in any way. The self-healing properties of this paint film make it possible for damage to occur and then be corrected without you even realizing it had happened.

Where to Use

Since Llumar’s paint protection film can be cut to size, you can place it on virtually any vehicle, including passenger automobiles, SUVs, trucks, and vans. Some people choose to place this film only on the most vulnerable areas of their vehicle such as the hood or bumpers, while others elect to have it installed on all exterior surfaces. Where you place it is entirely up to you, as it is easy to customize this film to meet your exact needs. Keep in mind that it is not designed to cover existing damage, but instead is intended as a preventative measure.


This film comes with a five-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Llumar’s paint protection film also resists fading, yellowing, or cracking, even when directly exposed to UV rays. In addition to preventing small dings and scratches, it also provides you with an additional layer of protection against road salt and sand, which are two things that can cause damage to your paint over time. When compared to the cost of a new paint job, this film is also very affordable.

You no longer have to worry about damage to your vehicle’s paint due to everyday wear and tear. Llumar paint film will provide you with adequate protection against common hazards, while also ensuring your paint continues looking fresh. Obtain an installation quote today so you can stop worrying about damage to your vehicle that may largely be out of your control.


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