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If you are a fan of the television show West Coast Customs, then you understand that window tint plays a vital role in the company’s builds for celebrities. According to a July press release, LLumar is now the official window tint and paint protection film provider for the famed personalization shop. Every job you see in season 3 will feature LLumar auto tint, manufactured by the Eastman Chemical Company.

Who Is Eastman?

The Eastman Chemical Company is a global specialist in a variety of products that people around the world use every day. These include not only the auto tint known as Llumar, but also things like construction and consumables. They work with hundreds of clients each year to deliver products sustainable and safe products that offer innovation and technological advances. They serve clients in more than 100 countries around the world and have an annual revenue of about $9.5 billion. The Kingsport, Tennessee-based company employs some 15,000 people globally.

What Is West Coast Customs?

West Coast Customs got its start during MTV’s Pimp My Ride years, and thanks to that exposure and the company’s dedication to cutting-edge design, mind-blowing concepts, and unprecedented quality, they are now the premiere vehicle modification shop on the West Coast and elsewhere. Ryan Friedlinghaus started the company back in 1993, and since then they have gained a pop-culture viral status. There are West Coast Customs shops in Germany, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, and even Dubai. Their main facility in Burbank, California measures in at more than 60,000 square feet and contains 12 departments that each specialize in a high-tech form of modification and customization.

Why Did West Coast Customs Choose Llumar?

According to Mark Gershenson, the Director of Llumar Global Brand Management, “It was natural for Llumar to team up with West Coast Customs, the premiere high-end modification shop.” Fans of Llumar auto tint agree, claiming that the company offers the best in both style and protection in all of their products. What’s more, Llumar’s paint protection film is the top-of-the-line when it comes to protecting the beautifully artistic paint jobs offered by the team at West Coast Customs. High-quality workmanship needs top-notch products, and Llumar certainly delivers in terms of auto tint and paint protection.

The Best of the Best

According to Friedlinghaus, the West Coast Customs CEO and founder, Llumar provides exactly what the team looks for in terms of auto tint. West Coasts Customs considers auto tint the finishing touch, and it can make or break their designs. Because of this, they need a product that enhances style, protects the vehicle, and adds comfort down to the smallest of details. They also want a product that lasts since they offer high-dollar services to even the rich and famous all over the world. Llumar fits the bill, and they are happy to use it in the third season of their television series.

If you are interested in auto customization, you can head down to Burbank, California and see the guys at West Coast Customs. What’s more, you can purchase your own Llumar tint from many major automotive supply stores so you can enjoy the look no matter where you live.

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