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Window Tinting Research

Home and business owners who want to lower their energy costs, protect themselves from the sun and even control the atmosphere within their homes often go to great lengths—and great expenses—to do so. With the new commercial window tint that is currently in development, this endeavor will be simpler than ever before.

Tinted Windows for Home and Business

There are currently several types of commercial window film and residential window tint that can be purchased from different companies and applied as a do-it-yourself project or by a professional. While these products can certainly provide lower energy bills and even protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, they are not adjustable, and the level of tint the consumer sees after the product has been applied is permanent. New technologies that are currently in production are focused on providing commercial window tint and residential window film that is easy to apply, can be retrofitted to any window, and is completely adjustable.

User-Controlled Window Tint

The company that is responsible for the new technology, US E-Chromic, is currently working in the National Renewable Energy Lab to create a product that can be applied to any home or business window and can be controlled by the user to be either reflective or transparent at any given point in time. This technology is simply amazing in that consumers can choose to allow sunlight in or reflect the sunlight back out at their choosing, all the while maintaining at least some level of transparency. The commercial window film is expected to be a very important breakthrough for reducing energy costs and even preventing waste by reducing the number of windows that make their way into landfills every year.

Cost Effectiveness

While the price of the window film has yet to be determined due to the fact that the product is still under development, it is expected to be an extremely cost-effective alternative to other energy-saving window treatments. Today, when consumers and business owners make changes to their windows in order to reduce their energy costs, they typically replace their windows with models that are very expensive to purchase and install. The new window film that is currently being developed can be retrofitted to almost any existing window. It will reflect sunlight in the summer months to reduce heating and allow the sunlight in during the winter months to produce a heating effect.

Expected Consumer Availability

The creators of the commercial window film have recently announced a major breakthrough in the development process, though they have not provided any details. A spokesperson for the company mentioned that with the help of this new information, they expect to have the window tint available to consumers by the first half of 2014. As an added bonus, consumers may be able to take advantage of government grants for reducing their energy costs to help subsidize the costs of the window film.

Consumers and business owners who are interested in preserving the environment and reducing their energy costs at the same time will certainly benefit from the commercial window tint that is expected to be released in 2014. It is certainly a technological breakthrough that has the potential to save consumers hundreds of dollars on their energy bills annually.

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