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While hurricane season usually has business owners making several safety-related preparations on their properties, not nearly enough of them have considered how beneficial it can be to include window film installation on their lists. Not only can window tint keep your business property safe during hurricanes; it could potentially save lives as well.


Risks Experienced During Hurricanes

Many scenarios can take place during a hurricane and in more severe cases, flooding and excessively strong winds will result in significant amounts of structural damage occurring. In some cases, complete destruction of properties is experienced as well. Many hurricane-related injuries and fatalities aren’t caused by anything this serious though. A building’s weakest point tends to be its windows, meaning that most injuries are caused by broken glass.


Prevent Windows from Becoming Deadly Glass Shards

Airborne shards of glass are not only terrifying; they can cause serious damage, injury or even death in some cases. However, injuries to individuals and animals can often be avoided completely if glass doesn’t shatter apart in the first place. Commercial tint will provide your company’s windows with a protective coating that helps keep broken glass pieces from coming apart. Having this installed prior to hurricane season can ensure that employees are provided with as much protection as possible. 


Prevent Cracks and Breaks

Although scratched or broken windows may not be the most serious aspect to consider during a hurricane, replacing large glass panes on storefronts and office blocks that have been damaged will be expensive and inconvenient. Some larger windows can run into thousands of dollars to replace and insurance may not always cover this expense. 

While business owners may not be overly concerned about scratched windows, this damage can quickly turn into a broken pane if left unattended. Having commercial window film installed can easily prevent this type of damage from happening in the first place – which will in urn save money over the long term.


Improve Overall Durability

Owing to the fact that commercial window film will provide additional strength to glass panes, it will usually prevent them from breaking in the first place. Another benefit of having window tint installed is that while it’s holding the glass together, it’s also preventing other debris like tree branches from being able to enter your building and cause injuries or other structural damage. In short, commercial window film will help keep harmful debris outside, while protecting employees and business assets inside. 

An added advantage of commercial window film is that it can be installed long before hurricane season even starts, ensuring that you will have done your bit to keep your employees and property as safe as possible. Not only will you enjoy the benefit of added safety; over time, energy bills will also decease because AC and heating units won’t have to work as hard to keep employees comfortable while working. Contact our team today to find out more about the best window tinting solutions for your commercial property.

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