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Although engaging in eco-friendly practices has become more mainstream for individuals over the past few years, more businesses than ever before have also taken steps to reduce the impact that their daily activities have on the environment as well. Here are a few ways in which you can help reduce your company’s carbon footprint – most of which require very little effort.


Install Window Tinting

When questioned, most owners of office blocks state that their highest bills tend to be for heating and cooling the premises. However, having window tinting installed will help reduce their use of heat in winter and air-conditioning during summer, ultimately resulting in a substantial decrease in energy bills over time. Dedicated commercial window film products will not only help cut energy bills; they also block out harmful UV rays, meaning that office furniture, flooring and other equipment will not fall prey to fading or rotting as a result of sun exposure.


Use those Switches

Another way that businesses can become more eco-friendly is by ensuring that all appliances and devices are turned off when they aren’t being used. This especially applies at the end of the business day and over weekends when no one is working. Although a single computer monitor or office light may not seem like it will use much energy, the truth is that natural resources are being depleted to keep them operating. Consider placing a basic checklist by employee’s desks that reminds them to turn everything off before they go home.


Invest in Eco-friendly Office Equipment

Upgrading outdated office equipment and items such as refrigerators, microwaves and even toilets may involve an initial financial outlay. However, they will more than pay for themselves over time when it comes to reducing energy bills and your building’s carbon footprint. If employee showers are available, consider having low flow showerheads installed, as this will save hundreds of gallons of water. 

Removing old fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs and replacing them with LED alternatives will not only cut power usage down; employees will experience less eyestrain because these are able to provide a much better quality of light.


Purchase Recycled Items wherever Possible

When purchasing office supplies, it’s important to take their long-term effect on the environment into consideration. For example, recycled printer paper will get the job done just as effectively as that, which has been manufactured exclusively from virgin material. 

It’s also important to recycle as much as possible after items have been used. These days, several items such as paper, plastic, some types of metal and wood are able to be recycled when disposed of correctly. Most business areas will have some type of recycling program in place, making it easy for owners to drop off unwanted items.

Even implementing one or two of the above mentioned aspects would yield excellent results over time – especially window tinting if your building is large. Contact us today to find out about the range of commercial window tinting product that can be used to help reduce the carbon footprint of your business property. 

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