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More homeowners have begun tinting their windows than ever before. Some of the reasons are obvious. They add aesthetic appeal to homes, protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays, and (as a secondary benefit) help to prevent a variety of skin disease like cancer. But did you know there are other awesome benefits of getting your home’s windows tinted? Here we look at just a few of the biggest ones.


Increases Energy Efficiency

Large windows can let in plenty of fresh air during the pleasant spring and fall months. They allow a beautiful view of the landscape in all seasons. Unfortunately, they also come at a very steep price – one that some homeowners aren’t even aware they are paying.

Windows, despite serving both aesthetic and practical purposes, can let a lot of energy escape your home. This means that your heating efforts can escape during the winter and your cooling efforts can escape during the summer. How much escapes and how much that costs you depends on the number of windows you have, their size, their age, and how much your actual energy costs locally. The end result, however, is always the same – a significant loss.

Enter window tinting. By providing an additional layer of protection on the window panes, tinting can help to save you energy costs. Some studies have chosen these savings can amount to as much as a third of what you are currently paying.


Additional Security

Window tint can also make your windows stronger. This can help to prevent minor cracks or breakage. Some types of wind tinting are even made with additional strength just for this purpose – although all types will provide some level of protection.

It isn’t only about protecting the panes themselves. Window tinting also adds a layer of privacy that helps to protect your family. People passing by on the streets cannot see inside your home as easily, which translates to potential intruders also being unable to see as well. This can sometimes deter a break-in, just because it is no longer as easy as other homes would be.


The Obvious Benefits

We briefly touched on the obvious benefits (those known by most homeowners) in the opening paragraph, but they bear repeating.

For starters, tinted windows are aesthetically appealing. Many homeowners find that the darker windows appeal to them much more than the clear ones – and tinted windows can often come in a variety of color tints or even designs.

Tint reflects the sun’s harmful UV rays away from your home, so it can’t enter. This protects your family against harmful skin diseases, including skin cancer. But it can also protect your belongings. The same rays which can lead to skin ailments can lead to discoloration, fading, and even general wear or tear for anything in your home with fabrics. This includes furniture, curtains, carpets, artwork, and much more.

Knowing all the awesome benefits window tint can have your home, it is no mystery why more homeowners than ever are getting them.

How to Take Care of Your Home’s Window Tint
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