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Window tint provides numerous benefits when applied to either your vehicle or your home. Foremost among this is the ability to increase energy efficiency, protect yourself and family against the sun’s damaging UV rays, and increasing aesthetic appeal.

Sometimes, however, tint bubbles appear during or directly after the application process. This is most common when people apply the tint themselves and is much less common (though not impossible) during professional application by a qualified window tint company.

Bubbles in window tinting are both unsightly and can hamper the effectiveness of your window tint, thus decreasing the benefits of the application. These “bubbles” are caused by air or water droplets which are present on the window panes during application.

While a significant issue, the good news is that there are several different tips you can utilize to effectively remove window tint bubbles. Below we have listed the best process for getting rid of these bubbles, along with extra tips to make it easier.


Tips for Removing Tint Bubbles


  • Begin the process by heating the window with the tint bubbles. The easiest way to do this is by parking the car in a warm spot, with the window in direct sunlight. Sometimes, such as in winter or in tree-dense areas, this isn’t possible.
  • If it isn’t possible to use the sun to heat the window tint, then you can use an average hair dryer to heat the window. Make sure you keep the hair dryer at least four feet back from the window and keep moving it back and forth to ensure even heating.
  • Once the window is warm, fill a spray bottle with room temperature water – not too hot or too cold. Then, lightly mist the window. Be careful to NOT soak the window. Just a light mist to damper it.
  • Once the window is warm and damp, use a credit card to gently smooth out the bubbles. You want to start at the top and gently slide the card down. Be VERY careful so to avoid damaging the window tint.
  • If you suspect small tint bubbles but aren’t certain if they exist, you can check using a lint-free cloth. Simply rub the cloth down the length of the tint. Bubbles will both appear and be felt if they exist.


You may have to use the above tips more than once to fully eradicate all existing tint bubbles. Remember that all situations are unique, and that while this is the best method for getting rid of bubbles in window tint on your own, it may not work for you. This is especially true if there are a lot of bubbles or if they are quite large.

If this is the case, the best thing to do is to call a professional window tinting company. Tint bubbles most often appear during self-applications, and a professional tint company can help to remove them for you. Rarely, it may be required to reapply new window tint.

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