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Whether you own an automobile dealership or you’re in the transportation industry, investing in multiple cars, trucks, buses, and even RVs is expensive. Automotive window tint installation services keep those investments safe in many ways, and they offer a range of other benefits, too. Here are some of the reasons to consider getting your quote for installation today. 

Tint Keeps Your Employees Comfortable

Your drivers are a vital part of your business, and keeping them comfortable and happy is a top priority. Simple automotive window tint is the simplest way to improve their daily lives. Not only does tint give them some additional privacy, but it also blocks harmful cancer-causing UV rays. In the summer months, automotive tint blocks up to 86% of the sun’s heat-producing energy, which means your fleet will be easier to cool and your drivers will be far more comfortable. 

Window Tint Improves Safety

While there is no shortage of hazards out on the roads and highways, glare from the sun is a major concern. It makes it harder for your drivers to see the road ahead, which puts them (and everyone else on the road) at risk. Automobile window tint significantly reduces this glare and makes it easier for your drivers to see. Even if the installation prevents one accident, it may save lives – and it’ll certainly save you money on your insurance premiums. 

Cuts Costs

While running the air conditioner in a single vehicle may result in a negligible increase in fuel consumption, the costs associated with air conditioners running in multiple vehicles can quickly add up. Fleet managers know the importance of cutting costs wherever possible, and they also know that the smallest savings really add up. Window tint not only blocks heat from the sun, but it also insulates the interior of the vehicle, which means the air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. You will save some money on fuel, but the real cost savings is realized by less wear and tear on your air conditioner systems. 

It May Prevent Theft

Theft is fairly common among many types of fleet vehicles. In some cases, criminals may attempt to break into the vehicle to steal expensive electronics or even personal items. In others, they may attempt to steal the vehicle itself. Automotive window tint makes it difficult (or even impossible) for criminals to see inside the vehicle. Because most thieves “case” vehicles before they break in to see what kinds of items are available, whether anyone is inside, and how difficult the theft might be, the inability to see inside is one of the best deterrents available. 

Window Tint Makes Your Fleet Beautiful

Your fleet is one of the most powerful marketing and advertising tools your business has available. It’s the face your business puts forward, so it’s important to make a good impression whether your vehicles are out on the road or parked in a lot. Of course, you want to keep your vehicles clean and in good repair, but window tint adds class and professionalism. Better still, today’s advanced window tint technology means you can expect a perfect color match that complements virtually any fleet wrap. 


If you are looking for cost-effective ways to improve your fleet’s aesthetic appeal and safety while keeping your drivers happy, automotive window tint is one of the best solutions available. It improves driver comfort, keeps everyone on the road safer, and prevents theft – all while ensuring that each one of your vehicles makes a grand first impression. 


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