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Tint King is a Boston based window film company that offers enhancements for vehicles and homes.  The company specializes in Boston commercial tinting as well as tinting for residential settings.  Brian Timm, the owner of Tint King, speaks about his humble beginnings in the Tint King business.  He also discusses how the business has grown and changed over time with newer technology and an experienced staff that offers a variety of services.

How it All Started

The Boston based window film company began in 1983 in a garage behind a house in Lexington MA.  Brian states the first workshop for Tint King consisted of two bays, no heat, and racoons living above them as they worked.  Over time though, the business has grown into a much larger workshop located in Billerica, Massachusetts, which provides not only Boston commercial tinting services, but a variety of other services as well.

Staying Ahead of Technology

The Tint King team is always trying to stay ahead of the current technology within their business model.  The staff and technicians at Tint King are consistently updating and learning news skills and techniques in paint protection, vehicle wrapping, and carbon fiber hoods.  The team attends advance-training classes so Tint King can offer the latest technology to their customers.

The Newest Automotive Tinting Films

Tint King offers two types of films for tinting that consist of black ceramic films and straight ceramic films. These tints are the newest technology.  By using this newer type of tinting film, the car owner does not experience any interference with their navigational GPS or AM radio as with older tint films.  These tints also offer incredible heat reductions for the car and are very durable.

Computerized Cutting

In addition to the newest tinting films, the Bostonbased window film company also offers computerized cutting of tints.  They were actually the first company to offer this new technology, which provides an advantage over previous tint cutting procedures.  This is because computerized cutting prevents knives from ever touching the car in the tinting process.  This process also prevents the tint from peeling off because the cutting goes below the gaskets of the windows.

Lifetime Warranty and Experienced Technicians

The Boston based window film company offers a lifetime warranty on all of their auto enhancement jobs.  In addition to this awesome guarantee of satisfaction, the technicians at Tint King have over 50 years of combined experience in this the Boston commercial tinting industry.  Fred, one of the Tint King technicians, offers 7 years experience in paint protection alone.

Other Services Offered

In addition to Boston commercial tinting services, Tint King also offers paint protection, carbon fibers, tinted taillights and headlights, remote starters for vehicles, stereos, and high intensity lights. Additionally, the Boston based window film company also offers its customers an excellent waiting area above the shop, which boasts comfortable seating, a flat screen television, an area for children to play, and even wireless internet.

Tint King welcomes everyone to come to their shop and give their Boston commercial tinting services a try.  Not only do they provide excellent guarantees on their enhancements, but also the business is centered around excellent customer service and ensuring the customer gets the vehicle or residential enhancement that they desire.  The timely staff is highly experienced and focused on providing the best possible finished product for each and every customer.

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